Coming & Going

6 September 2015 – Another hot-steamy day, but here I am on Coxwell — the shady side of the street, you bet — heading south from Danforth. Worth the effort, I tell myself; I want to see the new, community-based Transitions Mural that has just gone up on the blank wall of the streetcar barns.

Or maybe is now going up. I’m not sure.

Transitions Mural, Coxwell s. of Danforth

Hmmm! Or … is about to go up. But look, the prep work has been done, the grid is neatly established.

So this project is coming. It is definitely coming.

I double back to Danforth, & almost immediately see another dramatic long view in the little parkette near the corner.

But this one is definitely going.

parkette on Danforth w of Coxwell

The last fling of the season’s rudbeckia — totally sassy & one of my favourite flowers.

This gets me thinking of Coming-&-Going, not a bad theme for the beginning of September, with the great seasonal shift just getting underway. I decide to look for evidence, as I continue west on Danforth.

Even so, I’m willing to enjoy delights that don’t fit the theme.

This canoeist, for example.

wire art on Danforth at Chester

He, with his female companion at the rear, is forever guiding their canoe across the Danforth/Chester T-junction. They are going nowhere, of course, firmly wired to the metal bar on the south-side sidewalk.

Then back to my theme, and it’s not hard. There are Comings & Goings all over the place.

For example, this lovely, but badly faded, sidewalk painting of a frog & a turtle.

on Danforth nr Monarch Park

Going headed for Gone, unless the artist returns to touch up the colours.

Also Going: summer patio accessories, heaped into sidewalk-sale buckets.

in front of Kitchen Stuff, nr Pape

Hibiscus string lights, anyone? Half price!

Ah, but merchants are looking ahead, as well. There is money to be made, in either direction.

window display, iQ Living

I watch a very stylish young mother (with a very stylish fore-arm tattoo) lead her daughter up the shop steps. The child is still wearing her bike helmet — tiger-striped, with two moulded tiger ears to complete the look.

Put that window on the Coming side of the ledger. Along with this banner, being yoiked into place in front of a party-accessory store a little farther down the street.

banner for party accessory shop on Danforth

Oh no, please no, not Hallowe’en already! But yes, oh yes, there it is. Every marketable event is being promoted ever-earlier, every year. Sulk. Grumble.

And I walk and I walk, and I stop for water and I walk some more, and I think of hopping on a streetcar for the final leg — but by then I’m just close enough that giving up would be really wimpy. So I walk down Broadview from Danforth, briefly consider visiting Rooster café for a latte despite the heat but decide against it: too hot for hot coffee and I don’t like iced coffee.

Down through Riverdale Park East, one sunbather only; across the pedestrian bridge over the Don River, and up again through Riverdale Park West. No sunbathers; several dog-walkers; many squealing kiddies running in & out of the wading pool.

I watch sunlight glint off the ripples caused by all those kiddie legs; I admire the maze design on the floor of the pool, new-painted this spring & still bright.

pool in Riverdale Park West

This too is Going, I realize. Soon the weather will turn, and the pond will be drained for the year.

Down Sackville next, where this home-owner has a front-yard “branch” of the Little Free Library movement. His box is particularly trim and well-maintained: books here are always safe from the elements. (The glass reflection of the streetscape opposite is a bonus.)

on Sackville St.

People take books; people leave books.

And I laugh. Coming and Going, both. The perfect grand finale for my theme.




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  1. I did the same walk just a few weeks ago, not as hot as I remember! Had a great apple crumble some where along the way too. 🙂

    Your photos are better!

  2. Love your Pics. It’s a wonder that canoeist doesn’t get frustrated. I love rudbeckia, too. Do you ever stop to collect seed? Sometimes, I can’t resist.

    • It’s such an expected bit of sculpture — wired to a utilitarian bar guarding the “blank” end of a T-junction. Makes it an even better discovery.

  3. Thanks for the Little Free Library sightings. I know about the map but it seems half of the libraries (even the registered ones) are not on their map. It will make for some fun and motivational Toronto walking.


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    "Traveller, there is no path. Paths are made by walking" -- Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

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