Ai Weiwei Wants Your Lego

21 November 2015 – So cough it up.

See? Lego.

first contributions to LEGO project at the AGO

Beginning to pile up on the back seat of a sleek black BMW, with sunroof, outside the Art Gallery of Ontario, at Dundas West & McCaul. (It’s on the right, below. The sleek black object on the left is the Henry Moore sculpture, Two Forms.)

AGO, at Dundas W & McCaul

Here is why the AGO, on behalf of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, asks for your Lego contributions. Here, too, is why that BMW must have a sunroof — it’s the collecting box.

poster with the project

And no, you don’t have to be in Toronto to get involved. The AGO is the first Canadian art museum to support this project, but just one of many, around the world.

The car & billboard were only put in place yesterday afternoon. Already people are peering in and pitching in.

Ai Weiwei Lego project, AGO

You can learn more about this project on the AGO blog, or through your own online search. Who knows? Maybe there’s a collection point, right in your own city.

Also Art

But nothing to do with Ai Weiwei, or freedom of expression. I walked home via Queen Street and was amused to see a Blackburn bear on the traffic signal box at St. Patrick.

As Poser to bunnies, and Uber to canaries, and Anser to a distinctive face — so Toronto artist Jeff Blackburn to bears.

Queen W & St. Pattick

First time I’ve seen Musical Bear, though!

Summer & Winter … and Paris (and Comments)

I am so grateful for your comments. Always. I’m grateful you take the time, even more grateful that you comment with such intelligence and generosity.

Maybe you have already clicked on these two responses to the previous post, but just in case you haven’t …

Larry Webb plays Factual Safety Net for me, correcting (so nicely) my misidentification of a Port Lands inlet.

Don’t want to be picky, but that isn’t the Keating Channel. That’s the practical sounding “Ship Channel” south of the Keating!

To which I replied, “Oh, please do be picky!” Momentary lapse on my part, so thank you Larry.

Also my thanks to dear friend DJ, who comments on both the Berkeley St. mural and the Dough billboard of solidarity with Paris.

Buck Teeth Girls Club mural is a fantastic botanical “I Spy” – I spy Philodendron leaves, sumac, a monarch caterpillar, just for starters. And yes, let’s send our love to Paris, but also to Beirut and Nairobi, and wherever ordinary people are showing extraordinary courage to go on with warm-hearted rational life regardless.

Point well taken. Thank you for reminding us, DJ.



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  1. cool…always appreciate Ai Weiwei. happy day Penny 😀

  2. Well at last I have caught up with you again – a new computer is the excuse for my lack of blogging!!
    I was just amazed at the co-incidence as yesterday I went to London with my daughter where we visited the Royal Academy and saw the Ai Wei Wei exhibition. It was so powerful and moving. Such a balance of history, philosophy and fantastic sculptures and many many more. Of course I bought the book.
    The R.A. also had a car in the forecourt which was there to collect lego.

  3. Wei Wei is a brilliant artist and thought provoking. Wonder if this is Lego’s first refusal to sell its product? Shame on them. Can’t wait to see what he does with all those colorful little pieces of plastic.

  4. My nephew’s kids play with the Lego I have. But they are very freely expressive with it, so that’s something eh? Maybe I can pocket a few pieces to contribute…

    • Or… ask them! Especially if Auntie promised to take them down to drop the Lego into the BMW collecting slot themselves! Hot chocolate for a reward after? (Or Sunday-afternoon visit to the AGO itself, which always has kid activities in Walker Court.)

      • They live in Nelson B.C. and I only see them once a year but we all play with the Lego together. But I will write them a letter and tell them about it. See what they say. How long is it there for? I won’t see them again until next summer.

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