Signs & Portents

3 January 2016 – We seek portents early in the new year — tea leaves, tarot cards, chicken entrails.

Or in the city streetscape, on a short neighbourhood stroll.

This tiny shopping bag, for example, so neatly displayed on a neighbour’s wrought-iron fence.

A new year’s resolution, aimed at the male gender?

on a fence near Parliament St.

Or, perhaps, an admonition of overly-fastidious women?

Later, a cryptic command …

Richmond St. nr Parliament

which I obey, since it might reveal wise guidance for the coming year.

other side!

Then again, it might just reveal a Big Joke.

But perhaps that is the guidance. Laugh a lot.

Speaking of guidance, how about Lovebot‘s message? This example stands sentinel over a modest apartment building doorway …

near Parlaiment

but has the same meaning as its fellow images all over town. Each one, the work of founder Matthew Del Degan & fellow volunteers, has the same purpose: to inspire love & kindness, by reminding us that there is love in our cities & kindness around every corner.

Now that we’re speaking of love & kindness around every corner, how about this side-alley wall-woof?

alley off Parliament n. of Adelaide

A young man strides down the alley, heads for the door, then pauses, eyeing me & my camera with polite — but querying — neutrality. “Love the dog,” I say, nodding at the image. “Did you do that? Is he your dog?”

Young Man flashes a grin. “Yeh.” Slants his eyes at the wall & back at me, his face still warm with thoughts of his dog. It’s not the most accomplished art-work you’ll ever see, but it shines with love.

“Go ahead. Take a picture.”

So I do.



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  1. Nigel Pleasants

     /  3 January 2016

    Love the clock! Nigel

  2. The clock isn’t playing nice.

  3. Mary C

     /  4 January 2016

    The bag could be an example of the importance of grammar! Men, don’t stink. Men don’t stink? Men don’t stink.

  4. There used to be a sign on the corner of Leuty and Queen St. E. that said, “Entering Own Space”. It was not obvious. Not sure when it got taken down, sometime in the last forty years. 😉

  5. Lots of love, what other portents could we need for the coming year Penny, lovely!😊

  6. That clock works just fine–twice a day!


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    "Traveller, there is no path. Paths are made by walking" -- Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

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