Street-Wise Street Eyes

28 February 2016 – Out in the Queen St. West (aka QSW, I discovered on a so-cool sign) & Ossington area today, giddy with the sunny +10C warmth and all the street art you find around there. First, up the alley just west of Ossington, running north from QSW; then eastward in an alley just north of Queen, from Gladstone to Ossington; then north on Ossington itself.

And eyes and more eyes, everywhere I look.

Sometimes downcast-demure  eyes …

in the E/W cross alley just n. of Queen & w. of Ossington

sometimes fiery-slavering-wolf eyes …

N/S alley w. of Ossington

sometimes totally SPUD eyes …

detail of a SPUD mural, same alley w. of Ossington

or just as distinctive Birdo eyes.

Birdo, same n/S alley w. of Ossington

Euro-weary Marlene Dietrich eyes …

N/S alley w. of Ossington

and, this is Canada after all, hockey-goalie-mask eyes.

N/S alley w. of Ossington

Screen eyes …

N/S alley w. of Ossington

and a slanted glance over some wheelies …

E/W alley n. of QSW, near Gladstone

followed by Birdo fish eyes …

same E/W alley, at Beaconsfield

and EGR eyes …

same E/W alley, at Lisgar

and very sulky eyes on a very pouty man, crossed arms & all.

Ossington & Argyle

And finally, to prove I can still turn my own eyes to other themes …

Bazara Asian Cuisine street sign, 188 Ossington

Courtesy of Bazara Asian Cuisine, on Ossington itself. I giggle appreciatively, but don’t go in. I’m saving myself for a latte later on, in Kensington Market.

It is worth it.

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  1. You are my eyes on the street. Thanks for a eye catching post! 😉

  2. bobgeor

     /  29 February 2016

    Fun post!

  3. Some really great pieces here.

  4. Loved these – and the sign at the end was a great way to close.

  5. Excellent street art – thanks for sharing! The sign is inspired too.

  6. The “eyes” have it!


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    "Traveller, there is no path. Paths are made by walking" -- Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

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