No Fun, Snow Fun

5 April 2016 – Here in Toronto, opinion is not even slightly divided about snow & sub-zero temps on April 5. We are not happy. No Fun, is the verdict.

Rather, that is the human verdict.

Opinion is more mixed once you broaden your field of inquiry.

These baby daffodils? That thrust through the warmed ground & turned their little faces to the sun so trustingly, just a few days ago?

surprised baby daffs, on Gerrard St. E.

They agree with the humans. No Fun.

But then there’s the Snow Fun contingent.

This flower, for example …

Greenwood, edge of Greenwood Park

and this whole flock of flamingos.

on Kingston Rd.

For all they care, the snow cover could be froth on Lake Naivasha.

Balcony Boy seems perfectly contented as well …

Gerrard East

and the moose smiles happily — perhaps because he knows that he and his cute little shoes are safe on the Flying Pony washroom wall.

Flying Pony café, Gerrard E. at Rhodes

The school crossing guard isn’t currently sitting in his/her chair, so has no opinion …

on Kingston Rd.

except, maybe, to be grateful in absentia that — per the plea on the chair seat — nobody has stolen the chair.

And this guy?

studio window

The one whose crutch is propped in the window of this kickboxing studio?

Perhaps he has other things on his mind.

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  1. excellent shots but the crutch shot got me — didn’t see it until I read the caption — gold!

  2. daffodils are hearty ❤️

  3. We laughed at the flock of flamingos!

    • Phyllis’ sharp eyes saw the crutch first & she laughed so much she could hardly point it out to me

    • sorry! I’m brain-bent — I knew somebody had laughed at the crutch & gave the wrong reply. Yes, I was very amused by the flamingos. I did see a herd on Lake Naivasha in Kenya, ages ago, and remember white foam on the water, hence my allusion…

  4. Susan

     /  6 April 2016

    Lousy weather, lovely blog. Thank you.s.

  5. Balcony Boy must be frozen to the bone!


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