Coffee: all the way to Perfect

10 April 2016 – Signs about coffee promise a lot, have you noticed? Whether on a sign inside the café, or on the sidewalk sandwich board outside its front door.

Sometimes, though, there is no promise — just a warning about the dangers that await you, should you be foolish enough to ignore the coffee option.

oppoiste OCAD, on McCaul

This one spotted & photographed by my great friend & fellow WordPress blogger, Rio (Seriously Clowning Around). We’d just gone through the Outsider show at the AGO, by the time I’d reached home she had emailed me this discovery just opposite OCAD, down the street from the AGO.

“Use it,” she said, bless her generous heart. So I am.

It also made me riffle through some photos, to see what other coffee-related signs had amused me.

This one I first saw (& photographed) a couple of years ago in  Victoria, B.C., but spotted again last week in a new local favourite cafê of mine, The Flying Pony.

downtown Victoria; also in The Flying Pony

Then there’s Merchants of Green Coffee, another longtime haunt, chalking up its priorities for all to see.

Merchants of Green Coffee

Or, or, consider this medical advice being dispensed at the Rapido Café.

Ignore this symptom at your peril!

Rapido cafe

I lured you into this post with the promise of “perfect.”

Never let it be said I’m a bait-&-switch kinda gal.

The Atlas Espresso Bar tackles the eternal mystery of perfection … and solves it.

Atlas Espresso Bar

See? No need for existential dread.

Real & perfect is within reach.


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  1. Reblogged this on So, I Read This Book Today and commented:
    I have needed GALLONS of coffee lately….. I am finishing out the last few weeks of tax season answering software tech calls, and I am freakin’ EXHAUSTED!

  2. Ah, finally, perfection! 😉

  3. Thanks for the Monday morning lift!

  4. Wonderful Penny – always like posts which make me smile

  5. So sad I had to give up the coffee. It was a friend to me for over 40 years. Got a touch of nostalgia reading your lovely post!

  6. LOL I’m glad I love coffee! 🙂


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