Discord at Yonge & Belmont

28 April 2016 – I’m walking back south on Yonge Street, enjoying the sun (if not particularly the chill), and I suddenly think: “Barcelona!”

Which is silly, because I am in Toronto.

I am victim — or beneficiary — of a visual pun.

Namely, the sight of this building, all bendy & brilliant, picked out by afternoon sunshine & reflected in the plate-glass opposite.

reflected building, N/W Yonge & Belmont

And I flash to the bendy-buildings of Barcelona’s famous Illa de la Discòrdia (Block of Discord), in the Eixample district of Barcelona.

Block of Discord, Barcelona

“Discord” because these examples of early 20th c. architecture — the work of Modernists Lluis Domènech i Montaner, Antoni Gaudí, Josep Puig i Cadafakh & Enric Sagnier — clash not only with the sombre beauty of the district as a whole but also with each other.

(Since I nicked that 2nd photo from Go Barcelona Tours, the least I can do is give you their name & the website link!)


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  1. I also flashed to the trompe d’oeil on the Gooderham building ….

    • Now I’ll have to go check the G. building!!

      • That might be interesting … what with Berczy Park all in flux. Have you yet featured the mural on the side of the Youth Hostel north of there? I send people down that way to explore that mural, the collage at Tom Jones (your coverage of which alerted Gallery Arcturus to this blog) … and then to seek out the only remaining Banksy in public view in Toronto(?), south on Church. Plus other hidden treats nearby…

      • Is the ural on the side of the Youth Hostel the one done by visiting Inuit youth? If so, yes. It’s terrific. Now I just also look up the remaining Banksy, where is it on Church?

      • Walk south of Front on the west side of Church, past the cool sculpture of the old harbour to the building housing Fionn MacCool’s, just before The Esplanade. It’s behind some plexi in the wee alley there.

  2. Mary C

     /  29 April 2016

    nice reflection shot!

  3. Very Fun! Yes, for a moment I almost believed you were there. Now, wouldn’t that be lovely?

  4. certainly reminds me of Gaudi – didn’t see the street you mentioned but would love to go back to Barcelona


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