Bansky! (and other Very Good Things)

15 May 2016 – Well! You’d think Banksy would be quite enough Very Good Thing (VGT) for any one day, but this particular day has delivered a bumper crop.

Plus one Very Silly Thing, and we’ll get to that.

First VGT: the 11 a.m. Pilates class at Central Y, my home branch — it has a devoted following, & is fast becoming my own Sunday morning ritual as well.

Second VGT: finding the scrap of paper where I’d written down the directions to the one remaining example of Banksy street art here in Toronto. I wish I’d also written down the name of my blog follower who sent me the information, but I didn’t, so all I can do is say “Thank you” and know that he’ll know who he is.

Bansky, Church St. n. of The Esplanade

The location is now public online & the art protected with plexiglas, so I feel no concern about repeating the directions here: west side of Church Street, at the corner of an alley just north of The Esplanade. Also behind chain-link fence, just high enough to have short little me on tippy-toes to get any images.

Bansky art, longer view

Third VGT: carry on by bike over to the new, not-yet-quite-open Cherry Street YMCA — where despite being not quite open, they are open enough to offer tours and a free yoga class. I’m hoping to add a volunteer stint at this Y to my existing connection with Central Y, so I am a happy girl as I chain my bike and finally enter the building.

It’s a cheerful human zoo in there, all ages & types, people on tour, people lining up for the yoga class, people taking out memberships. I follow a tour, then bimble around on my own. (“Bimble = meander about. Thank you Smacked Pentax for this glorious verb.)

The exercise room looks out across Cherry St. at old once-waterfront industrial buildings, now spiffed & repurposed, but often still bearing faded names from the past.

from Cheery St. Y across looking west

Back out again, with a grateful eye at all that sunshine currently beaming down on the Y’s exuberant façade …

front, Cherry St. YMCA

since the weather has been more than iffy, all day long.

And that is the end of my planned VGT list, but no … more happens. I cycle along Front St. East, unrecognizable now among these new buildings, complete with bouncy public art.

Front St. E., nr Tannery Rd

I’ve seen this before, forgotten about it; squeak with delight to see it again. A fourth VGT! Having just come from the Y, I see them as a happy family, in exercise mode. Sorry, I can’t tell you the artist, but at least I can tell you how to find the art: Front St. East, between Rolling Mills Rd & Tannery Rd.

close-up, with the ground level

I hope you enjoy this closer look at the green ovals & wavy blue lines, since I was practically flat on the ground to get the necessary angle for my little camera. The posture earned me fluttering sideways glances by a trio of passing teens.

And now for the Very Silly Thing. The weather. By the time I straighten up from that last shot, the blue sky is again grey, and hail — hail — is pelting down.

detail, same artwork

Suddenly the happy trio are looking horrified! I share the mood.

Honestly. A high of 6C today, half-way through May, with ploppy rain/snow this morning and now hail. How silly can things be?

But I cycle on, spirits already lifting, since I have just added two more VGTs to my list. First, a latte somewhere in the Distillery District, and then — if I don’t loiter endlessly over coffee — on to St. James Cathedral for the 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon organ recital.

The hail stops, so all is well. Coffee is good.

But as I emerge from Caffe Turbo (Case Goods Lane), more hail! Absolutely pelting down, yet again.

Death Head No. 3, Case Goods Lane, Distillery District

Death Head No. 3 (right outside the Caffe Turbo door, artist name illegible) is not amused. Neither am I.

Once again, only momentarily.

The weather is too silly to keep this up for long. By the time I reach the cathedral, the sky is sunny again.

And the organ recital is terrific.



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  1. Mary C

     /  15 May 2016

    1. Ack, I just walked that stretch of Church St. on Friday and I had no idea the Banksy was there!
    2. The weather certainly was wacky today.
    3. The blue people sculpture is by Daniel Borins and Jennifer Marman

  2. All of these would qualify is our books as Superlative Day viewings! The hail we could do without….

  1. Salute to Spring | WALKING WOMAN

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