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23 September 2016 – My last three posts covered just one walk, but now we pick up the pace. This post covers three days!

Starting with my visit last Sunday afternoon to Centre Island, not just for the charm of foot bridges arched high over the lagoons …

a Centre Island bridge over one of the lagoons

but most especially for an afternoon’s concert at the 1884 Island church, St. Andrew-by-the-Lake.

I’ve attended other concerts & events there with pleasure, but this one is special: a fundraiser for a new grand piano, to support the active musical program that much better.

St. Andrew-by-the-Lake, Centre Island

So we gather, and we listen to the music, and we eat small & delicious home-made treats, and we put up our hands for the silent auction and, one way and another, the Fund is about $1,000 richer by the end of the day. (Read more about it on the church webpage, linked above. And click on Donate while you’re there!)

I walk home up Bay Street and, even though I’m not a beer person, I can’t help noticing the sign.

Who gives away free beer?

check the small print!!

Ah. Always read the fine print.

Monday I go looking for some planned Bell Box mural-painting activity, but can’t find it.

Never mind: I do find this building, smack at Wellesley & Sherbourne, wearing a hairnet.

Wellesley & Sherbourne

No, it’s not, it’s wearing a shadow. (A hairnet would have been a lot more fun…)

Tuesday I am puttering-about à deux: the day being the day it is, Phyllis & I head out together.

We learn it is always prudent to check for wild life, even in a downtown alley …

alley nr Dundas & Ontario

and later, in West Don Lands Park, we learn you can so indulge your inner 4-year-old.

We peer up the slide that dominates the north side of the kiddy play area in the park’s Corktown Common …

slide between steps, Corktown Common

and we climb those steps, and we arrange our bums and our legs at the top of the chute, and we giggle, and …

view from the top!

we sliiiiide all the way down. Whooping as we go.

On down through the Port Lands to the foot of Cherry Street, where Cherry Beach fringes Lake Ontario and the 1930s life guard station still stands, and is still in use.

Cherry Beach Life Guard Station

Though not on a Tuesday, with children now back in school.

Turning point, we head back north. Phyllis branches off one way, I walk on up Church Street — and pull out my camera again just south of Dundas East.

I tell you, some of the best mural art in town is now to be found in municipal parking lots.

north wall, parking lot Church St. s. of Dundas East

See what I mean? This is the north wall, the work of Cruz1. Every bit of it just jumps right into your eyeballs.

detail, north wall

Mind you, the south wall, by Ghk, has no trouble holding its own.

south wall, parking lot Churc St. s. of Dundas East

I don’t pay any particular attention to that “Burger Joint” sign at the Church Street end until I’m home and — blush — have to use its website to identify what street I was on at the time.

In the process, I also learn why the URL is Dac biet?? Vietnamese for “awesome!”

Next Up

Penny is about to putter a little farther a-field. My next post will not be from Toronto …

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  1. I like your style – both writing and sliding down slippery dips! Your eye for a mural is pretty impressive too.

  2. Hooray for the slide and the photos! Thanks again for another enjoyable walk (for me without the effort).

  3. That makes three of us – that slide run was a terrific part of the day! Don’t know when I last did that!


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    "Traveller, there is no path. Paths are made by walking" -- Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

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