All Along the Milky Way

31 October 2016 – No, no, not that one.

Far galaxy, Wikipedia

This one!

Elm Grove end of Milky Way Lane

The one just south of Queen West, between Elm Grove & Gwynne (just short of Dufferin). I featured it in my 2014 Blurb book, Walking the Streets & Lanes, and then forgot about it.

Until Tuesday.

And there we are, Phyllis & I, straying slightly from Queen West, when I spy the street name & give little squeaks of joy. What fun, into it again, a chance to see what’s new & what is still here.

The horse at the Elm Grove end is, I think, new since 2014. So is this delightful Milky Way Community Garden, in a lane-off-the-lane, just before you dive into the laneway for real.

just off Milky Way, near Elm Grove


We walk along the garden border, one bouncy image after another. I am quite taken with the dancing beets, for example, but will show you the pumpkin instead. This is Hallowe’en, after all.

Milky Way Community Garden fence detail

And on into Milky Way Lane proper.

This mural I know was here in 2014, and still in darn good condition, too.

in Milky Way Lane

This next one, though, is surely new. I mutter how I can’t “read” this style, then become engrossed in picking out the tiny symbols that are tucked in throughout.

in Milky Way Lane

“Oh, look,” cries Phyllis, “Good Dog is still here!”

We are so happy. He is so lovable.

in Milky Way Lane

You can bet this rusty wall was here in 2014, and long before that as well.

I always think of bold, battered elements like this as part of the art installation as a whole.

in Milky Way Lane

We don’t remember Mr. Doorway Lion. We wish him luck in not losing his head.

in Milky Way Lane

Right, everybody. Focus.

In this next photo, the fire escape & the wheelies are merely incidental. Your task is to find the hidden squirrels. Real squirrels. Two of them.

spot the hidden squirrels...

Now find the “tree house mail” box!

Don’t worry if you can’t. Phyllis & I couldn’t, and we were right there on the spot.

in Milky Way Lane

Down by the Gwynne St. end, the perfect slogan for any street artist.

nr. Gwynne end, Milky Way Lane

Hurray for Blue Fish.


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  1. Is there no end to murals in your world? I’m always astonished by what you find. I like the then and now feel to this post: we need both the familiar and the new in our walking life, and you’ve got it. I love the feel of the community gardens images, and that battered wall is indeed art in its own right, with the added beauty of the lettering.

  2. DJ

     /  1 November 2016

    Milky Way – what a delight! Mr Doorway Lion, methinks, is Mr Doorway Baboon, trying not to loose his head.

  3. Amazing that you are finding more – there is a web site which names some places in London and I had already photographed the pub with many colours

  4. ahhhh and eating something tasty that little squirrel…i’m also always surprised at the amount of varying street art you can find…i guess i ought to look for some ‘spray it don’t say it ‘ works here in etown…always fun Penny! compose a happy day ~ Hedy

    • Please do check the street art scene for us in E’town, I’m curious. (But don’t stop giving us your own extraordinary photography

      • I will as I’m curious too Penny so often the street art is sparse…i will search ☺️ thanks for your nice words ☺️

  5. We enjoyed the “hidden” squirrel photo. We’ve taken some photos and when we uploaded them to the computer and looked closely – saw bird species we’d not ever seen before! Funny how you can see, but not see.

  1. “Live, Love, Paint” | WALKING WOMAN

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