Bard on the Brolly

19 January 2018 – The rain is heaving down. We are a slightly bedraggled group, waiting for Christ Church Cathedral to open its doors and admit us to this evening’s Early Music Vancouver performance.

The woman behind me is muttering dark thoughts about winter in Vancouver. The woman behind me lets her umbrella do the talking.

I am greatly amused. “Source?” I ask. “Shakespeare,” she answers. “Which bit?” I am about to ask, but the doors open and the moment is lost.

(Twelth Night, Act 5, Scene 1, the Fool’s song — I look it up later.)


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  1. Synchronicity! I went to a performance of “Twelfth night” last evening in the regional botanical gardens. I was surprised at how many sayings that have become commonplace it contained. From your accounts of Vancouver the quote was absolutely apposite. And as always I love your title.

    • I love this! Did you notice the Fool’s Song at the time? My post title was a tribute to the organization whose name is in fine print under the quote: Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach, a yearly festival of plays by WS (or whoever really wrote them), performed outdoors on a Burrard Inlet beach. Toronto has an equivalent, in High Park, and surely most big cities with any Brit heritage do something similar…

      • My little shire far from the centre is privileged. I love having no parking hassles, and I suspect the prices might not be so fierce. I did notice the fool’s song.

      • all that undoubtedly true — though as a transit user and walker, I have no parking hassles either!

      • And you don’t have 100km round trip either!

      • Oh, those big distances — I don’t live with them personally these days, but I think Canadians & Australians have that in common, we understand lots of land with a few people dotted into it here & there

  2. It feels like that here, too! (I’m just outside Seattle). But I bet the music was great, and helped you forget about the rain that raineth every day!

    • I think one has to relax into the weather, or life just becomes too difficult — so, splosh-splosh, on we all go! and I find I am so curious about seeing things in a context of rain, it really is a different experience & so something new to discover

  3. Great venue for music – hope you are enjoying Vancouver

  4. Patricia Davies

     /  22 January 2018

    Hi Penny We’re back to rain here, too. First -30C then rain. It’s hard to keep up. Want to have another FaceTime chat? Does late Wed afternoon (my time) work for you? Looking forward to catching up Pat Patricia Davies 416.465.3081



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