Theme & Variations

28 March 2019 – The theme is street art, more specifically murals.

A straight-forward example of the genre: down an alley, created by a street artist.

But think of the whole city as a kind of pulsing, collective art installation, and then the concepts of “mural” and “artist” become much more fluid.

Suddenly the theme is open to variations.

A mural may dance across the facetted mirror-glass of an office building …

created anew each moment by the play of nature’s sun & cloud on the human hardscape below.

Or murals, plural, may interweave their stories as they share a single space across time …

their once-vivid messages fading to a visual mumble.

Or, as you walk a viaduct and look down, a mural may pop in a pop-up park …

its graphics the semaphore of a complicated City/developer green-space accommodation.



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  1. A mural meditation – yes! I hope you find more – no, I know you’ll find more. That first mural, the way the perspective is mixed, truly disorienting! I love it. I wonder how it looks if you photograph it straight on instead of at that angle.

    • My ‘signature style’ does seem to be at an angle, doesn’t it, so the mural bursts toward us. Sometimes, it’s also the practical response to not having enough width in the alley to be able to step back and get the whole thing straight on. This one, viewed straight on, is pretty obediently ‘straight on’ itself.

      • Right, but the words “stay yummy” are painted at a different angle or perspective than the “m’s” which made me think it might look odd from that angle – which admittedly is tough in an alley! I’ll just have to get up there and look for myself, right?

      • see? there’s always a reason to pay a visit — I must confess I didn’t look as closely as you have, so can’t be sure about those Ms “in person” in the alley — but looking again at the photo, there’s a strange optical effect, as if the left end of the slogan is in mid-air in front of the wall, only finally on the wall at the right end … goodness, I must go take another look

  2. Exactly! 🙂


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    "Traveller, there is no path. Paths are made by walking" -- Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

    "The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" -- Marcel Proust (1871-1922)

    "A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is the act of speaking that language, of selecting from those possibilities" -- Rebecca Solnit, "Wanderlust: A History of Walking"

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