“True Story” Boards the No. 58 Bus

14 October 2019 – Terry (Araneus1) accepted the tribute/challenge at the end of my previous post, and morphed True Story into his own deft, thoughtful world of fiction. You can board the No. 58 yourself, right here.

(Since I’m talking with you anyway, let me add: “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everybody!” I’m thankful for many things, and my interaction with all of you is on the list.)


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  1. Blane Hogue

     /  14 October 2019

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Penny, and to all of us in Canada. We have much to be thankful for.

  2. Oh you little imp! I went to read the story and a half hour later, I bought 2 books from the author! Seriously, thank you! What a pleasant way to spend Thanksgiving! From all of us in Canada, have a great day too!

    • Love the outcome of your own ride on the No. 58… And yes, we Canadians have much to be thankful for. I feasted yesterday, today I’m off for a walk. Enjoy the day!

    • Thank you from the author. For some reason, Canadians have been supportive of my work. I often wonder how people from other countries interpret my Aussie sense of humour. I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving. This is not a tradition we follow in Australia, but maybe we should. I hope you enjoy my books.

      • Canadians are often supportive of your work, perhaps because of a number of similarities between our cultures & thus POV (including humour) — e.g. we both have a colonial history with England, strong indigenous presence, strong immigrant presence, and a lot more geography than people of any background. When I visited Australia, though I was ignorant of almost all specifics, it overall immediately and broadly “made sense” to me.

      • Maybe in my next life I’ll get to travel on one of your long distance trains.

      • Thank you, Terry! I do love your writing! I suspect we are more alike than different. Thanksgiving here has lost its true meaning through the years, but I enjoy the excuse to meet with family and friends; and it’s a time where you can say ThankYou and it is better received, if even with a groan.
        And thank you for sharing your books!

      • Canadians have always been very welcome visitors in Australia. Many years ago, I ran a shop in a tourist area (Puffing Billy Railway) and I got quite good at picking the accent. The Maple Leaf on their backpacks helped as well.
        I remember having a long conversation with a visiting couple in an expensive restaurant in the city of Melbourne. A Canadian had just won the Noble prize in literature and they were pleased that I had noticed. I told them I was a writer (just starting out back then). I guess we do have a lot in common.

      • Wow! That sounds like a cool experience. I suppose you remember her/his name? Still, that would be a memory that is special. 🙂

      • I just googled: maybe Terry (Anarenus1) met Alice Munro, who in 2013 was the 1st Canadian to win the Nobel Lit Award and only the 13th woman ever to do so. So yes, very cool.

  3. Thank you. 🙂

  4. That was fun Penny. Thank you for putting the idea into my head. I was wondering where the story might go, but it did not immediately come to me. As often happens, the ideas started to flow as I was lying in bed just after waking. My wife is always awake a long time before me and she knows that look I get when an idea strikes — “I’ll be off the air for a bit Scotty,” and she knows what that means — no talking until it is all on paper. My wife is very tolerant haha

  5. happy thanksgiving to you too! someone should compile a book of transit stories, i know i have a few!

    • Great idea. For a while I was a cross-townregular on the Queen St. streetcar, and wow, what vignettes that offered…

  6. Just found this one and I love it. I enter my imagination into the Queen St. car vignettes regularly and the more gentrified ones at Tango Palace coffee shop near Jones. I went over to read what araneus1 did with your challenge and thoroughtly enjoyed that too. And, thank you, both. You made my procrastination moment ever so pleasant. 🙂


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