Stealth Art

17 April 2020 – Borrowing a brand name, and it’s one I’m about to promote, but not just yet. Meanwhile, “stealth art” in the generic sense, something that sneaks up on you. You’re not in a gallery (impossible right now anyway), you’re just going about the day that current local regulations leave open for you — and then, boom, there it is.


As long as you have a cheerfully open attitude about what constitutes “art.”

It can be an arrangement of spring blossoms, as curated by mother nature. (Blossom festivals cancelled, so what, they bloom anyway.)

Or an arrangement of caution tape, as woven by a Canadian who just can’t do without hockey, even though the season is on hold. (The crow was apparently less impressed than I was.)

Or a whole evolving Little City of rock and clean fill and other found materials out the Leslie Spit in Toronto — as arranged, or at least as initially arranged, by The Stealth Art Collective, but with other appreciative hands ever since.  Here’s one image to start with … (I am such a fan of their work out the Spit – I stood wide-eyed again and again, in the years I cycled or walked out there myself.)

Or street art on your very own table! Just download this colouring book of designs created by some of Toronto’s best-known names, all for you to enjoy in your physical isolation.

“Such a lovely, local, timely, engaging response to the times,” wrote the friend who sent me the link. Yes, it is.
I think we are all experiencing a good many lovely, local responses to the times, and feel a resulting surge of joy and energy and courage. Let’s keep it up…
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  1. I love the Little City. So amazing. 🙂

    • I was knocked out by those images – made me remember an elaborate ‘bed’ they created one time, with ‘pillows’ and a diary and all…

  2. Yes boom there it is…reminds me of sally Mann and her notions of beauty is everywhere…and the blossoms I image they smell beautiful too 🌸🌸🌸 happiness your way ~ smiles Hedy

  3. That’s a well developed city, I must say. People are quite artistic

  4. I’m open-minded when it comes to art, and I love the Stealth Art Collective’s work here. We need more of that. When I lived in NYC, for a while I lived in its “forgotten borough” of Staten Island. A local man created the most wonderful set of sculptural stone tower constructions along a quiet, rocky beach. Some were quite large and required help from friends. Eventually a storm destroyed most of it. But no matter, it was good while it lasted. More than good.

  5. Thanks so much for including and promoting our work on your blog! How nice you are!! But sadly, must confess, because we never knowingly want to take credit for someone else’s work. We came upon The Little City like everyone else did. Another wonderful Spit mystery. BUT we will take credit for the lyrical writing tablets that went with it — those were definitely our work. This Little City was destroyed by winter storms also but somehow it leaves its mark like so many other ‘came upon’ structures. Those traces, inform The Spit with its magic. I know you felt it too when you were out there. And by the way, we are pretty big fans of yours too. Stay healthy, keep safe.

    • thanks for the correction – let’s all stay healthy, safe, & (as our Dr. Bonnie Henry keeps saying) kind


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