Local, Far-Flung … & a Tease

30 November 2016 – This one is Local, definitely local.

Cyndie & I are walking south on Bay at dusk, no destination, just the joy of being outdoors on such a fresh, mild evening. We wander into Nathan Phillips Square, cast an appreciative eye on our clam-shell City Hall, circle sculptures & read plaques, walk through the Peace Gardens, and then stand delighted when we catch sight of the pond.

Which, despite mild weather, is now officially in skating-rink mode.

skating in Nathan Phillips Sq., Queen W & Bay

Laughter, adult & child; selfies; swish of blades on ice; music on the loudspeaker. It really is fun.

On to Far-Flung.

My friend Chris is just back from his travels, which included — along with Petra & other major bucket-list destinations — a stay in Cyprus. Once home, he showed me what he discovered on the streets of Limassol.

Street art.

With his permission, I’m sharing some of it with you. From squid-girl …

Limassol Cyprus, by Chris C

to a line-up of wall critters (plus a wall bike, far end) …

Limassol Cyprus, by Chris C

to a big old lady bug …

Limassol Cyprus, by Chris C

to fresh-art DNA …

Limassol Cyprus, by Chris C

to a pensive mother & child.

Limassol Cyprus, by Chris C

That in turn brings us to …

my Tease.

Also a mother & child, but the work of Chilean-Canadian street artist Shalak Attack, on a wall right here in Toronto. (Roughly Dundas West & Brock, if you’re in the neighbourhood & curious.)

Dundas W & Bock, by Shalak Attack

I know it’s local. It is also my tease.

You will see.

Salute to Spring

18 May 2016 – The temperature begins to rise, and we get all excited. Body language changes, our use of public space changes. Even when the temp is still only mid-teens — because we’ve waited so long & we are so over-eager & anyway we are rough-tough Canadians (aren’t we?), so we act like it’s really, really warm.

Office workers, & for all I know tourists as well, bask in noon-day sun on tiered benches in Nathan Phillips Square, facing the Peace Garden.

noontime sun-bathing in Nathan Phillips Square

Even a bronze lion — paired with a lamb in Eldon Garnet‘s sculpture, “Equality Before the Law” — lifts his snout to the sun in drowsy contentment, right next door in the McMurtry Gardens of Justice.

detail, Eldon Garnet sculpture "Equality Before the Law"

A man down on Richmond West bends to his smartphone — sockless!

among office towers, Richmond St. West

A woman stares peacefully into space, enjoying every moment of her lunch hour.

office worker, Richmond St. West

Up in C0urthouse Square, just south of the old Adelaide Street courthouse, the tender new leaves of espaliered shrubs shimmer in the afternoon light.

shrubs, Courthouse Sq., 10 Court St.

The Square’s water fountains are turned on again for the season, gush happily into their troughs.

1 of 2 water fountains, Courthouse Square

A young man stretches (I swear) every muscle group in turn, then begins kicking his soccer ball all about the Square. Just for the sheer delight of it. Because he is young, & nimble, & full of springtime energy.

in Courthouse Square

Across the street, next to St. James Cathedral, a young woman eyes her smartphone …

N/W of St. James Cathedral, King West & Church St.

while east of the church, in St. James Park, another woman patiently eyes her dog, who is busy sniffing up every odour he can catch on the newly-green grass …

in St. James Park

and a couple only have eyes for each other.

in St. James Park

Ahhhh … spring!

Comment Catch-Up

  • Remember I showed you a blue-figure sculpture in my previous post? Now, thanks to Mary C (visit her blog As I Walk Toronto), I can tell you the artists: David Borins & Jennifer Marman.
  • Remember my post, Danger at the Cliff Edge, in which I lamented being unable to walk Gate’s Gully due to repair work, but more than compensated for that frustration with a walk first in Sylvan Park, then through Guildwood Park and down to the lakeshore? Popo posted a great comment, giving the link for a wintertime walk that virtually mirrored my own. Go see for yourself.





    "Traveller, there is no path. Paths are made by walking" -- Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

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