Rules of Behaviour

8 February 2022 – In this time of shameful tumult, it strikes me that the rules we teach a tantrum-throwing toddler are also pretty well the basic rules of democracy.

Vancouver City Hall
  1. Use your words.
  2. Use your indoor voice.
  3. Listen as well as speak.
  4. Respect others.
  5. Accept that you don’t always get what you want.
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  1. binghamtoronto

     /  8 February 2022

    Pretty much says it all

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  2. Blane Hogue

     /  8 February 2022

    Well said Penny! I have been feeling like a grumpy old guy ( well, I am an old guy!) for saying that our politicians need a kindergarten teacher to go to Parliament House or provincial Legislatures and teach them to behave like civilized humans!

  3. Virginia Thomas

     /  8 February 2022

    Well said Penny.

  4. Absolutely perfect, Penny!!


     /  8 February 2022

    Here, here!

  6. susan Corbin

     /  8 February 2022

    Perfect! xo

  7. Yes, definitely a very timely post, especially for that selfish mob in Ottawa.

  8. Yes. This is what happens when you don’t distinguish between freedom and licence and people childishly fail to see that their self-interest is inextricably woven with the community interest. (Turn on the radio or TV and you persistently hear and see the incoherent self-assertion we witnessed in Ottawa and Windsor and Alberta. Identity politics with no nuance.) The sense of a commonwealth has all but disappeared amid the idea of self-actualization, a product of the nineteen-sixties that, with social media, has metastasized. What in law we used to call the reasonable person has nothing much to draw on any more. The social contract is broken. This foments Trumpers, who themselves mirror all the grievance mongering. No wonder their leader was floated around Britain as a giant baby.


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